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Process Automation

Custom software to automate the outreach process

We started by automating the process that consumed the most time yet was the most repetitive, in their case that was lead scraping from an online directory. This process used to consume between 6 and 12 person-hours per week, producing around 800 leads and was the outreach bottleneck. We built a seleinium python scraper, which saved all the data on excel sheets and reduced the weekly workload to 10 min.

Next, we automated a qualification system for the leads, which qualifies the leads their desire to hire employees. It does this by crawling on their website looking for a career page and analyzing the vocabulary they are using, greading them on a scale from 0 to 6. This data was particularly useful for their sales team.

After we created data cleaner that would prepare the information from the leads to be intoduced into a word template and svg for sticker printing. This allows them to fill in templates for direct mail and their stickers with information from an excel file.

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  • Terminal application
  • Lead scraper
  • Lead Qualifier
  • Information cleaning
  • Template Filler
  • Progress Integration

Since it is only used by a couple of members of the organization, we did not build a graphic user interface (GUI). Instead, we integrated as a Python terminal application operated by a command-line interface (CLI). The project was named PureLily, as it is an extension of her and allows her to eliminate repetitive tasks and speed up her workflow.


PureLily, a command-line application that allows its users to extract leads from an online directory, qualify them based on there liklihood of hiring employees, clean up their information, and fill in the word templates all as part of one process. Originally this process consumed around 10 to 20 hours of a person's work week in the organization, now it's one integrated automated process. It's hard to estimate how much time the process consumes because it's done automatically and only requires 2 min of the operator to set it up. Then it might take 30 min to do 600 leads but it does not require the operator's presence.

  • Client:PureMind Digital Angelo Bradvica
  • Location:Vienna, Austria
  • Technologies:Python, Selenium, Pandas
  • Completed:Continuos Integration
  • Website:puremind-digital.com