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picture of the training section of the dribblz web-app
Web Application

An educational subscription video streaming web application for aspiring football stars

The idea came about when two first division football players realized how lucky they were to have made it so far and decided they needed to help the next generation of football professionals pursue their dreams. They remembered how little guidance they got on their journey, how hard they had to work along the way to success how many of there friends with the same talent didn't make it but most of all how much luck played a part in their success. So they decided to build something for their younger selves, something that would have made their journey easier, and would have helped more of their friends succeed in becoming professiona football stars.

After talking with many software development companies they decided to hire us because we didn't just try to sell them software like the other companies did. We believed in their idea and wanted to see it succeed. So we helped them refine there wireframe and we got to work building a mobile friendly UI/UX design.

Dribblz logo

Important Caracteristics

  • MVP
  • Video Streaming
  • Gamification
  • Social Media
  • Subcription
  • Progress Tracking

We decided on building a web application instead of a mobile application because they did not require any mobile native features. Moreover, after talking with the potential users they decided they decided it would be easier to get users to try it if they did not have to download the app. Additionally, speed and cost of development played a part in the decision. However, it was also decided that once we had acquired enough users we would build and integrate a cross-platform mobile application.

We decided to build the backend using Python's Django Framework and simple HTML, CSS, and JS for the frontend to speed up development and keep cost low but intended to move to ReactJS in the future. For video hosting, we chose Vimeo as it would be easy to integrate while containing a full set of features to track user actions and reduce the cost of hosting. For managing the subscription payments we chose because of their numerous developer features which allow us to create a checkout designed by us as well as a great user interfaces for the owners to manage their subscriptions.


The web application was completed successfully, however, unfortunately, the owners were not able to film the content they wanted to due to covid and decided to wait until after the pandemic was over to launch.

  • Client:Dribblz
    Jan Gassmann & David Cancola
  • Location:Vienna, Austria
  • Technologies:Python, Django, Vimeo, Stripe
  • Completed:18 February 2021
  • Website:Currently offline