What is a Public SHO? (Public Strong Holder Offering)

What is a Public SHO? (Public Strong Holder Offering)

A Public SHO is a funding mechanism for crypto projects which helps startups build custom communities based on desired characteristics by analyzing the on-chain activities of every KYCed user with over specific worth of any token.

It crowd funding tool developed by DAO Maker, which has been called "Public SHOs are the ultimate mechanisms for startups to raise funds."

It is similar to a normal SHO (Strong Holder Offering) enabling a project to attract funding from individuals who are holders of given cryptocurrencies. These investors are chosen by analyzing the activity of their crypto wallets as well as additional information on proprietary data sets. This framework benefits both the crypto project and its investors with "strong hands" by offering them protection and giving them access to participate in the SHO.

In addition to the technology which allows DAO Maker to build user profiles which allows projects to target specific interest groups such as DeFi, SocialFi, NFT and GameFi with "strong hands", it has added value for Strong Holder, and Scoring System and Dynamic Chance.

How is a Public SHO different from a SHO?

Public SHO's make SHO's available to any KYCed user with $2,500 worth of tokens of any kind on EVM compatible chains. However, this access can also be compared to a Freemium model, where switching to a Premium model means holding DAO and getting full access to a DAO SHO. This means that projects launched on DAO Pad will benefit from potentially billions of dollars and massive exposure.

What additional benefits do Strong Holder get from a Public SHO?

There are strong incentives for first time users to stay with in the ecosystem and convert them to launch pads token holders which insuring the long term success of their projects and tokens. These come in many forms such as $DAO unlocking tokens with out a fee and Infinity Pad's $IPAD tokens having a 3x value in their SHO .

How does the Scoring System and Dynamic Chance in a Public SHO work?

Your chance of winning a Public SHO depend on a dynamic score calculated based on an investors wallet holding and activity. The program will take into account a number of variables such as your total assets in various chains, currently Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, as well as any assets supported by debank.com.